TRI Components


Your Needs

Delivering superior service and support means not just anticipating your needs, but, meeting or exceeding them every time!

What’s Important to YOU is Important to US!

Regardless of industry there are certain things we need to ensure that our people, processes and technology are achieving peak performance. That way our organization can too.

We understand that your business is demanding. You have to:

  • Keep production lines moving
  • Maintain production efficiency
  • Keep within a specified budget
  • Lower your costs of goods produced and sold, where possible
  • Meet deadlines
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Respond to changes in demand
  • Ensure a return on your investment
  • Continue to improve, develop and innovate
  • Maintain a healthy bottom line
  • Deliver reliable customer service and a reliable customer experience
  • Avoid production shutdowns and slowdowns
  • Improve your product’s speed to market

That’s no small list!

To accomplish these, and other, goals, you often need the support of a trusted partner to reliably provide what you need, when you need it, complete with pricing and service that adds value.

This is what TRI Components delivers to our clients.

When you interact with TRI Components, whether you:

  • Are placing an order for parts you already use
  • Fulfill a regular order
  • Get a quote
  • Do a cost comparison
  • Enquire as to whether we carry the product you need
  • Order a specific manufacturer’s part or product
  • Ask a question
  • Require specific information
  • Speak with an expert
  • Order a designer kit
  • Request your free designer kit refills

We Will Respond by Delivering A Noticeable Difference.

When dealing with TRI Components you will see our difference first hand. We provide:

The Most competitive prices in Australia and New Zealand means your costs are minimised and your return on investment is maximised.
Don’t believe us? Compare prices for yourself. Send us your latest competitive invoice and we’ll provide a quote to show you how much you’ll save.

50 years of expertise means you’ll get the right product for the right job from the right supplier!
The wealth of expertise that has been accumulated by our people over five decades or more of working in the industry in various capacities just can’t be beat. Got a question? Need some advice? Call us!

Delivering superior service and support means your needs are anticipated and met every time.
That’s why so many of our customers keep coming back and have been with us for so long. The thing about service is that you don’t know how good it is, until you actually experience it.  We invite you to try TRI us and see for yourself.