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      • March 15, 2023
      189 200 TRI Components


      Resistors are a crucial component in many electronic devices. They provide resistance to the flow of electrical current and help control the amount of current that flows through a circuit. When looking to purchase resistors online, there are many options available, including popular manufacturers such as Coilcraft and Voltage Multipliers Inc.

      Coilcraft is a leading supplier of magnetic components, including inductors, transformers, and filters. They also offer a range of resistors suitable for a variety of applications. Their surface mount resistors are small and easy to install, making them ideal for modern electronic devices. Meanwhile, their through-hole resistors are designed for use on printed circuit boards and are better suited for applications with a higher power rating. Coilcraft also provides high-temperature resistors that can withstand high temperatures without losing their electrical properties.

      Voltage Multipliers Inc. is another popular manufacturer of electronic components, including resistors. Their metal film resistors are made using a thin metal film, such as nickel or chromium, deposited onto a ceramic substrate. These resistors offer excellent stability and accuracy, making them ideal for applications where precise resistance values are required. VMI also offers wire-wound resistors, suitable for high-power applications, and thick film resistors, commonly used in consumer electronics where precision isn’t as critical.

      Other manufacturers of resistors, such as Vishay, Bourns, and Panasonic, also offer high-quality components online. When choosing a manufacturer, it’s essential to consider factors such as the quality of the components, the range of products available, and the price. This will ensure you get high-quality components that meet your needs and provide reliable performance.

      Coilcraft Resistors

      Coilcraft also provides resistors that can withstand high temperatures without compromising their electrical properties. These types of resistors are particularly suitable for applications where heat is a major concern, such as in power supplies and other high-power applications.

      Voltage Multipliers Inc. Resistors

      Voltage Multipliers Inc. (VMI) is a widely known manufacturer of electronic parts, consisting of resistors. They are known for offering top quality components, and they offer a variety of resistors for various applications.

      Among VMI’s popular resistors is the metal movie resistor, which is used a thin metal film, such as nickel or chromium, deposited onto a ceramic substrate. This kind of resistor is extremely steady and precise, making it perfect for applications where accurate resistance worths are needed.

      VMI likewise uses wire-wound resistors, which are made by winding a wire around a ceramic core. These types of resistors appropriate for high-power applications and are often utilized in power products and other applications that need high current levels.

      Another resistor that VMI offers is the thick film resistor, which is made by transferring a thick movie of conductive material, such as carbon or metal oxide, onto a ceramic substrate. This kind of resistor is perfect for affordable services where accuracy isn’t crucial, and it’s typically utilized in consumer electronics and other comparable applications.

      Apart from VMI and Coilcraft, there are lots of other makers of resistors that use high-quality components online. Some popular examples include Vishay, Bourns, and Panasonic. When choosing a maker, it’s important to think about factors such as the quality of the elements, the series of products offered, and the rate.

      Resistors are a vital component in various electronic gadgets, and different kinds of resistors are offered online. VMI and Coilcraft are two well-known producers of resistors, and they use a diverse series of elements that appropriate for different applications. When choosing a maker, it’s important to think about the factors pointed out above to guarantee that you get premium components that will satisfy your requirements and deliver trusted efficiency.

      Tri Elements likewise provide resistors and are among the most commonly utilized electronic parts. Resistors are passive components that withstand the circulation of electrical current, and their main function is to manage the amount of present that flows through a circuit.