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      VMI (Voltage Multipliers Inc.)

      VMI manufactures a variety of High Voltage components and is a world leader in product development from the design stage through to the final production manufacturing element.

      The VMI product range includes High Voltage Diodes in SMD and Through Hole, High Voltage Optocouplers, High Voltage Multipliers, High Voltage Rectifiers and High Voltage Power Supplies.

      • Diodes range from 2Kv to 20Kv.
      • Standard SMD type multipliers achieve outputs of up to 14Kv
      • Rectifiers and Single Phase Bridges will block up to 45Kv per leg.
      • Power Supply outputs can reach 123Kv or 50W.
      • All VMI products are precision made in the USA.

      VMI provides an extensive CROSS REFERENCE service to enable possible replacement alternatives to competitor’s products.

      VMI has lead-times on most products from between 2 to 8 weeks from placement of your order.

      Product Range

      • HV Diodes
      • OPTO Diodes
      • OPTO Couplers
      • Multiplier Assemblies
      • Rectifier Assemblies