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      Tusonix manufactures thousands of EMI / RFI products featuring an extensive line of EMI/ RFI Filters and is a world leader in ceramic component manufacturing from over 50 years of manufacturing expertise in ceramic dielectric technology.

      Tusonix provides EMI/ RFI solutions for commercial and the military in applications that require the best in filtering techniques.

      The Tusonix product range includes SMD Filters, Feed- Thru Filters in “C” “Pi” and “L” circuits, Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors, Coaxial Broadband Filters, Filtered Terminal Blocks and EMI / RFI Ceramic Filter pins.

      Extensive CROSS REFERENCE service to enable possible replacement alternatives to competitor’s products.

      Tusonix offer lead-times on most products from 2 to 12 weeks from placement of order on most products in their range.

      Product Range

      • EMI/RFI Ceramic Filter Pins
      • EMI/RFI Surface Mount Filters
      • Filter Terminal Blocks
      • Coaxial Broadband Filters
      • Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
      • Custom Component Assemblies