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      Leader Tech

      Leader Tech is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI Shielding products for circuit board, electronic enclosures and interconnect cables, and is positioned to provide you with a “total shielding solution” for all of your EMI / RFI Shielding requirements.

      Leader Tech serves a diverse commercial and military customer base from its Global EMI Shielding Technology Centre in the USA and every detail of the company’s one-of-a-kind manufacturing facility is tailor engineered to streamline and improve customer service, engineering and manufacturing processes.

      The Leader Tech product range includes Circuit Board Shields, Custom Board Shields, Multi Cavity Board Shields, Fabric Shielding Gaskets, Wire Mesh Gaskets, Oriented Wire Gaskets, FerriShield Ferrite Suppressors, Conductive Elastomer Products, Microwave Absorbers and Finger Stock EMI Gaskets.

      Leader Tech offer very short lead-times as most products can be shipped to your store within 2 to 4 weeks from placement of order.

      Product Range

      • Circuit Board Shielding
      • Enclosure Shielding
      • Conductive Elastomer
      • Absorbers
      • Finger Stock
      • EMI Gaskets
      • Conductive Foam Shielding
      • FerriShield Ferrites