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      IMS (International Manufacturing Services)

      Since 1974, IMS Inc has been a leading US manufacturer of microelectronic surface mount components including chip resistors, chip attenuators, RF terminations, dividers, splitters, couplers, low pass filters and thermal management devices.

      They consistently exceed customer’s expectations of quality, value and service with the some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

      The IMS cutting edge thick film technology has led to numerous surface mount breakthroughs, including the development of thick film on high thermal conductivity Aluminium Nitride (AlN) ceramic chip resistors and RF Terminations and the first 1,000,000,000,000Ω chip resistor (That’s 1 Teraohm).

      Today these devices are part of the IMS standard offering as they continue to introduce new thick film innovations to the world.

      IMS produce components with Ohmic values from 0.003Ω to 1TΩ, Attenuation to 70dB, Operating frequencies to 40GHz and Power ratings to 380W.

      IMS also offer low MOQs as low as 25 pieces!

      Most series are in stock as a large inventory is held and components can be shipped quickly.

      Product Range

      • Resistors
      • Terminations
      • Fixed / Variable Attenuators
      • Splitters / Dividers / Couplers / Filters
      • Thermal Management Devices
      • Designer KITS
      • FREE Samples