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      World leader and manufacturer of Magnetics for RF, Power, Filter and Data applications.

      Coilcraft founded in 1945 as a custom coil maker, today produce inductors for a long list of customers in the telecommunications, computer, instrumentation, automotive, data and consumer electronics fields.

      The product range includes Chip Inductors from 0201 size to 1812, Shielded and Un-Shielded Power Inductors, Air Core Inductors, EMI / RFI Filters, Flyback Transformers, Chokes, High Temperature Automotive Inductors and much more.

      Coilcraft can CROSS REFERENCE most competitors and provide alternatives that can be FREE sampled for testing, evaluation and design in.

      Very short lead-times as most products are standard off the shelf and can be shipped to your store very quickly.

      Low cost Designer KITS are available for most series that allow engineers to simplify their prototyping. Most kits contain several pieces of every standard value in a product family to fine tune the design.

      Coilcraft can also custom design to meet customer’s specific requirements.

      Product Range

      • Power Magnetics
      • RF Magnetics
      • Broadband Magnetics
      • EMI / RFI / LC Filters
      • High Temp / AEC-Q200 Products
      • Designer KITS
      • FREE Samples