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      Coilcraft CPS

      A division of Coilcraft, the Critical Products and Services division (CPS), is a world leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic components for a wide range of applications, including signal generation and processing, RF, power, impedance matching, LED drivers, timing and much more.

      For almost a decade, Coilcraft CPS has designed and built magnetic–inductive components for use in industrial applications that require the highest degree of robustness and longevity and are well suited for applications in military and aerospace communications systems, as well as for wireless medical telemetry.

      These industrial parts have been tested to ensure their suitability for mission-critical applications, and for use in adverse environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures.

      The CPS product range includes Chip Inductors from 0402 size to 1812, High Reliability Power Inductors, Air Core Inductors, SMD Filters, SMD Chokes, SMD Baluns, RF Transformers, Power Transformers, Power Magnetics, High Temperature Coils and much more.

      In addition, these CPS components can be built and certified to meet specific customer requirements.


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