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Free Electronic Component Samples


It’s such a small word that evokes such strong feelings.

There are those who adamantly believe, “The best things in life are free.” And, there are those who believe in “free enterprise”. The critics will say, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” We suspect that most of us admit that we’re not looking for a, “free-for all”!

But when it comes to our prospects and customers, TRI Components doesn’t want to see anyone in a, “free fall”!

Free Advice

So, we are happy to provide free friendly advice, tips, and industry insights.  Certainly, anyone can call or email us and speak to our engineer to receive free advice about any of our products or get assistance with determining their project needs. We are always more than happy to provide friendly advice, tips and suggestions and would love to hear from our existing and potential customers alike.

Free Samples

In conjunction with two of our suppliers, we are able to offer you some free samples from our Coilcraft and Leader Tech electrical component product lines.  Click here to request your samples.

Free Refills

And, how about some “free refills”?

To simplify your prototyping, Coilcraft offers Designers’ Kits for many of their products. Each has an assortment of standard values along with detailed product specifications.

Refills are available and “FREE” once you have purchased the designer kit. So, go ahead and “prototype and test away”, because this will provide you with an endless supply of samples for each kit purchased. 

A Discount is Closer to Free

If you need more than two kits to experiment with, we can offer you quantity discounts.

Discounted is almost as good as free!

The following discounts are available, depending on the quantities you require:

10% off any combination of 3 or more kits
20% off any combination of 5 or more kits
30% off any combination of 7 or more kits

Free Customer Pick-up

Could you use a little “freedom” from delivery charges?  Well we’ve got some great news on the “free-front”. Once we are operating from our new facility, we will encourage our nearby customers to take advantage of “free pick up” on their orders, which will be available from that location.

Free Smiles!

We seriously enjoy what we do and we are committed to making your customer service experience a pleasant and enjoyable one, so our smiles are free too!

So, there may not be any such thing as a free lunch, but TRI Components will do our best to ensure that a few other things are.