TRI Components


Frequently Asked Questions

TRI Components began its iconic Australian entrepreneurial business story back in 1968, when David Fish started the business in Glen Waverley to respond to an unmet need in the market.

In 1992, it changed hands when its current owner, Graeme Daw purchased it.  Since then, TRI Components has changed locations and grown substantially, but one thing has remained unchanged, it has been operational and proudly serving the Australian and New Zealand markets now for 50 years.

All of TRI Component’s suppliers are overseas companies so, while we do our best to minimise their impact, changing exchange rates have an ongoing influence on our pricing. Through our buying arrangement, we enable our customers to purchase products locally in local currency. By doing this, it eliminates the additional costs they might otherwise incur: like duties, fees associated international currency exchange, and even expensive overseas freights.

Yes.  With some of the manufacturers we represent, we have preferential pricing given the quantities we purchase.

For example, we are the official rep in Australia and New Zealand for Coilcraft. We are supplied the parts at a discounted rate when compared to our competition. Those savings are then passed onto our customers, resulting in lower pricing when compared with our competitors.

Yes.  Our warehouse houses a large range of stock from a variety of suppliers.  In fact, we will be operating out of an even larger, purpose-built warehouse space early in 2019 so that we have even greater capacity to warehouse product.

What this means for our clients is that often they can receive products in record time because we are able to fill and ship orders from our central warehouse facility.

We realise that time is money for our clients. Most client requests for a quote that are received during regular business hours can be responded to within the hour. However, if it is a complicated order, or we are experiencing an extraordinarily busy time, it may take a little longer, but we’d let you know that at the time of request.

If a product is in stock, and we have the quantity to fill your order, we will dispatch it almost immediately.  If the product is not currently in stock, the standard lead-time is one week. We have a standardised and efficient process in place that alleviates most delays and ensures a timely delivery.

YES. In fact, you can order a higher volume in one transaction to secure a lower price and then customize your shipment dates to your needs. Each shipment is individually invoiced, so you are only paying for what you are supplied with each shipment, but you still realise the volume discount.

Of course! We are confident that if we don’t have an answer on the spot, we will find the answer for you.

Certainly, anyone can call or email us and speak to our engineer to receive free advice on any of our products or assistance with their determining their project needs. We are always more than happy to provide friendly advice, tips and suggestion and would love to hear from our existing and potential customers alike.