TRI Components


Graeme Daw

Owner, CEO – TRI Components

After graduating from Industrial Electronics from RMIT in 1961, Graeme’s career has been focused on electronic and biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and the efficient running of small businesses dealing with the same.

Graeme’s early experience began in healthcare in roles in Biomedical engineering at Melbourne University Department of Anatomy in the Royal Melbourne Hospital and heading up the Electronics Department at Alfred Hospital. During those years, he worked with Neurological Studies, Development of Pacemakers, Renal Dialysis machines, Defibrillators, Electronic support for Open Heart Surgery and managing the ongoing servicing and maintenance of the electronic equipment.

He formed his first medical equipment manufacturing and sales company in 1972, and formed another venture that developed and marketed veterinary electronic equipment around the same time. He added one more to his portfolio when he formed T.G.S. Electronics that maintained his Medical and Veterinary electronic equipment focus.

During 1992, he left T.G.S. to purchased Tri Components where he has worked until this day.

As someone who is an engineer, who has designed, used, marketed and maintained a diversity of equipment and components, and who has run various innovative and profitable businesses that operate in this space, Graeme has an expert and entrenched perspective of the industry and experience that he applies to running TRI Components. It’s this insight and his ability to trust in the skills of great staff that has led TRI Components to provide the understanding, expertise, servicing and problem solving that is second to none in our industry.