TRI Components


Chris Dawson

General Manager – TRI Components

Chris has been involved in the electronics industry for over three decades with accomplishments in both education and progressive work experience.

He completed his Electronic and Electrical Trades certificate and gained his certificate in Electronics Engineering

His early roles included being an apprentice for T.G.S. Electronics, an electronic medical company and working with the manufacture and repair of Medical therapy equipment.

Chris was involved in the design and production of new therapy equipment to the market that involved working through the design idea concept stage with designing a circuit via prototyping to then producing and designing the final PCB using Protel for production.

During more than 15 years at T.G.S. Electronics, Chris showed a diversity of skills as he took on additional responsibilities in purchasing, manufacturing, staff management, staff training, equipment repair, equipment design and customer support.

In 1999 Chris relocated and came to TRI Components as their Technical and Engineering support team member. He was appointed General Manager in 2008. And, for over 10 years now he’s been responsible for:

  • Providing technical support and advice
  • Ensuring TRI Components’ most competitive pricing on quotes/orders
  • Managing the needs of customers and ensuring timely stock delivery
  • Analysing and refining company procedures to ensure delivery of the highest quality of customer service
  • Ensuring TRI Components stocks and supplies only the best electronic components available

For the past 20 years, Chris has been instrumental in advancing the TRI Components offering and he is committed to implementing continuous future improvements to ensure its customers receive the best products and services possible.