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      New High-Performance Power Inductors Reduce DC Resistance by Up To 40%

      • August 17, 2020
      Coilcraft Power Inductor
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      Coilcraft Power Inductor

      Coilcraft Power Inductor: Coilcraft’s new XGL4030 Series of high-performance, molded power inductors offer up to 40% lower DCR than the previous best-in-class inductors as well as extremely low AC losses, resulting in the best overall efficiency over a wide range of AC ripple current. They are ideal for DC-DC converters with switching frequencies ranging from hundreds of kHz to 5 MHz and above.

      The XGL4030 features an expanded inductance range, including 18 values from 0.13 to 12.0 µH, with current ratings up to 26.5 Amps and soft saturation characteristics. It also offers a 30% increase in Irms self-heating current, allowing the XGL4030 to operate much cooler than previous-generation components.

      XGL4030 Series inductors are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 standards (-40° to +125°C ambient) with a maximum part operating temperature of +165°C and exhibit no thermal aging issues, making them suitable for automotive and other harsh-environment applications. They feature RoHS-compliant, tin-silver-over-copper terminations and are halogen free. Their composite construction also minimizes audible buzzing.

      As with all Coilcraft parts, complete technical specifications and free evaluation samples of the XGL4030 Series are available here. For more information, contact TRI Components on 03 9789 2479 or send us an enquiry.

      Coilcraft, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance magnetic components, has recently launched a new series of high-performance power inductors that significantly reduce DC resistance. The new XEL60xx series features an advanced design that allows for up to a 40% reduction in DC resistance, while still maintaining excellent inductance values and saturation currents.

      Power inductors are essential components in many electronic applications, including power supplies, voltage regulators, and DC-DC converters. They are used to store energy in magnetic fields, which helps regulate the flow of current and reduce ripple in power supply circuits. However, traditional power inductors have limitations in terms of their DC resistance, which can result in power losses and decreased efficiency.

      Coilcraft Power Inductor

      Coilcraft’s XEL60xx series power inductors address this issue by incorporating advanced materials and designs that significantly reduce DC resistance while maintaining high inductance values. The result is a series of power inductors that offer improved efficiency, reduced power losses, and increased power density.

      One of the key design features of the XEL60xx series is its use of a low-loss ferrite core material that offers high permeability and low core losses. This material allows for the use of fewer turns of wire, which reduces the overall resistance of the inductor. Additionally, the XEL60xx series features a unique construction that minimizes magnetic flux leakage and eddy currents, further reducing losses and improving efficiency.

      Another essential design feature of the XEL60xx series is its use of flat-wire winding technology. This technology allows for more efficient use of space within the inductor, as the flat wire winding takes up less space than traditional round wire windings. This increased space efficiency allows for a larger core, which provides higher inductance values and saturation currents.

      The XEL60xx series also features a robust construction that is ideal for use in high-temperature and high-reliability applications. The inductors are constructed using a molded, shielded design that provides excellent EMI suppression, while also protecting the inductor from external factors such as vibration and shock. Additionally, the inductors are rated for operation in temperatures up to 155°C, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

      The XEL60xx series power inductors are available in a range of inductance values, from 0.22 µH to 47 µH, and feature a compact, low-profile design that makes them suitable for use in various ways applications. The inductors are also available in surface mount and through-hole configurations, providing flexibility in design and manufacturing.

      One potential application for the XEL60xx series power inductors is in automotive electronics, where high reliability and high-temperature performance are critical. The inductors’ robust construction and high-temperature rating make them ideal for use in automotive power supply circuits, voltage regulators, and other applications where space is limited and efficiency is key.

      Another potential application for the XEL60xx series is in industrial control and automation systems, where high-temperature performance and reliability are also critical. The inductors’ low DC resistance and high inductance values make them ideal for use in motor control circuits, DC-DC converters, and other applications where efficiency and reliability are essential.

      Coilcraft’s XEL60xx series of high-performance power inductors represents a significant advancement in power inductor technology. The series offers up to a 40% reduction in DC resistance while still maintaining excellent inductance values and saturation currents.

      Coilcraft Power Inductor