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      We began in 1968

      TRI Components began in 1968 in Glen Waverley when that was about 30 minute drive East of Melbourne. It was started by David Fish, who ran it until 1992.

      It was 1992 when Graeme Daw, a man who loves a challenge, saw the opportunity to take what was then a declining business and turn it around. So, he bought it and spent the next four years doing exactly that.

      One significant growth milestone Graeme achieved during that time was signing Coilcraft as a supplier.  To this day, TRI Components remains Coilcraft’s official representative for Australia and New Zealand.

      Company highlights

      Some company highlights are about the people who represent it. Another landmark decision was hiring Chris Dawson back in 1999. Chris had worked with Graeme previously at T.G.S. where he had witnessed Chris’ drive, skills and passion for the industry first-hand.  Graeme had mentored Chris and knew that he came not only with the right attitude, but also with a wealth of expertise that would benefit both TRI Components and its customers. It’s now 20 years later and Chris has been instrumental in our solid growth history and in maintaining many solid client relationships in place. When they look back on this hiring as a decision, both Chris and Graeme are glad they made it.

      While our customer base has grown year over year, we have always been selective in only housing a select group of manufacturers whom we believe are providing the very best in their respective fields within the industry.

      TRI Components moved premises back in 1996, when it moved to Mulgrave to accommodate further expansion.

      2019 celebrated our 50th full year in business

      That’s a half of a century!

      To commemorate this milestone our brand received a refresh and so did our premises. In 2019 we eagerly moved to a brand-new purpose-built facility, designed to deliver more improvements in customer service.

      Never resting on our laurels, TRI Components has always been focused on growth and meeting the needs of the Australia and New Zealand markets.

      TRI Components has always been a proud Australian, family owned business that takes great pride in delivering first-class customer service and competitive prices that are backed by the insight that can only come from years of industry experience.

      From our humble beginnings through to today, our people are proud and committed to sourcing, supplying and stocking the world’s best electronic components for use here in Australia and New Zealand.

      Graeme Daw
      Owner, CEO – TRI Components
      Chris Dawson
      General Manager – TRI Components