About TRI Components Pty Ltd

Electronic components suppliers to Australia and New Zealand OEM’s from a world wide network of suppliers

For over 40 years Tri Components has been operating in Victoria, Australia supplying electronic components (mainly from the USA) to a wide and diversified market.

Our dedicated staff members are competent and provide old fashioned service with a smile. We have the technology to provide excellent business practises and have a reliable and fast delivery service.

Clients include OEM’s and all large, medium and small sized companies in manufacturing, service, design and repair. These companies are Australia wide and also overseas.

We source components from around the world, and also represent several agencies as well as various suppliers from which we can obtain hard to find items.

All components are ordered in a timely way to provide an on time delivery to our customers. In the case of forward orders we do stock an inventory based on customer requirements and at all times working with them on their forecasted needs.

We provide an excellent sampling policy for customers to obtain small quantities for prototyping that has proved to be very popular across a wide range of components.

Our in house engineers and staff can provide expert assistance and advice in the use of the various items for customer requirements.

Our range covers Inductors, HV Diodes, Capacitors, VCO’s, SMD Resistors, EMI Filters, EMI Shielding, Transformers and more. We have the capacity to find almost anything in the electronic field.

Our Expertise

  • Component Brokers and suppliers
  • Emi Specialists and Technical Support
  • Video Copy Processors and Consumables
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